Coming up with unique gift ideas for every occasion can be a real challenge.

Pens are suitable for all occasions, and they are a memorable one-of-a-kind treasure that can be used forever.

Handcrafted pens are an unusual gift that’s quite a change from most presents. They can be customized to provide deep meaning for a loved one or friend. They are also suitable for corporate gifts or business occasions.

When you wrap up one of these unique and one of a kind pens, you will also be providing the recipient with a gift that’s every bit as practical as it is precious

All of my pens and pencils come with a free gold cardboard box to protect the plating and finish.

And you can order a pen box to keep your pens and/or pencils safe from potential damage.


A custom crafted pen can make a great gift for most any occasion. Christmas/New Years, Weddings, Retirements/Boss Appreciation, Graduations/Birthdays….Just to name a few!

Pens are a thoughtful way to say thank you, or to show appreciation for a job well done.

My pens really can make a difference!